The adventure of the company goes back 50 years.

The family started business with Captain Ahmet Cevik’s father and his uncle in the 60’s, when Ahmet was 6 years old.

They owned a little sponge-diving boat called ”tirandil”, but his father decided to improve his business. He remodelled the boat and it became the first modern crewed yacht in Marmaris. New in its days, it had nothing to do with todays cruising yachts.

The Wood Boat on which we suggest you rent a luxury cruise was built in 2008, it is a crewed Gulet yacht, a modern luxurious adaptation of the traditional Turkish gulet the captain’s family has been sailing for generations.

Its Turkish captain has designed it in partnership with a Swiss interior architect: the traditional Turkish boat has become a luxury yacht, equipped  with the most sophisticated contemporary technology and designed like a floating luxury hotel, the captain and his crew it will make your cruise an unforgettable dream-like experience.

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